All of Intuitive Imaging's technologies meet or surpass industry standards. The ImageQube has 510(k) FDA clearance, including Mammography. Storage systems are state-of-the-art RAID arrays providing fault-tolerant, secure PACS storage. All components are fully HIPAA, DICOM, IHE, HL7 and SQL compliant. Technology is interoperable with other standards-based imaging equipment.

As a medical device with FDA clearance, Intuitive Imaging provides PACS components as integrated systems; hardware and software. The hardware has been validated, with specifications delivering optimal performance.

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ImageQube PACS

Runs on any desktop Operating desktopSystem, secure communication without VPN, distributed architecture, custom hanging protocols, paperless workflow, Teleradiology, Master Patient Index, built-in Peer Review, Critical Results, MPR, PET Fusion.


Smart templates, conventional screening and diagnostic protocols, Tomosynthesis, CAD overlays.

PET Fusion
Pre-processing, MIP, comparison exams, adjustable fusion parameters.

Critical Results
Communicate and acknowledge critical findings, assign keywords.

Peer Review
Discrepancy choices, reminder alerts, notes, administrator oversight.

Effortless rules-based exam distribution, paperless workflow, branded reports, initial impressions and addendums.

Storage & Disaster Recovery
Fault-tolerant, scalable, hierarchical solutions. IntelliNAS, LTO and Disaster Recovery components. Pre-fetch, auto-diagnostics, database and user environment preservation.

DICOM Archive
DICOM compliant and more: FDA clearance, fast retrieval, demographic updates, workflow flags.

ImageQube QuickCache
Instant access for clinic physicians, overcome network limitations.

Distributed Architecture
Efficient network distribution, eliminate single points of failure, small database footprint.

Cloud 9
Encrypted upload from facility, secure site-specific access, available anywhere.

Advanced Diagnostics
Anatomic Triangulation, MPR, MIP, PET Fusion.

3-D -TeraRecon
3-D, volumetric, flythrough, thin-client.

Nuclear Cardiology - Invia
Nuclear Cardiology Quantification, Perfusion, Calcium Scoring.

Personal ImageQube
Ideal for low volumes of exams, fully-functional.

High Availability
Uninterrupted operation, no data loss.